Subscribing to SouthBridge

Did you know that a single ambulance bill can cost an average of $1,100?

When a patient is treated and/or transported by SouthBridge EMS, a bill is submitted to Medicare or their insurance carrier. Medicare and most insurance plans do not cover 100% of the bills incurred for ambulance service; therefore, the balance will then be billed to that patient.

A subscription with SouthBridge can reduce or eliminate those potential out-of-pocket expenses!

  • Subscribers who have met their insurance deductibles will not be billed for any medically necessary emergency ambulance service within our service area.
  • Subscribers who have not met their insurance deductible will have a 50% discount applied to their ambulance bill.
  • Subscribers receive three complimentary “lift assists” (e.g., falling from bed and not being injured, just needing assistance standing up).
  • Non-subscribers will be billed the full amount of any balance not covered by Medicare or insurance.

*Please note that subscribing to SouthBridge does not give you priority when calling 9-1-1. 
All emergency calls are handled urgently but are prioritized based on severity.





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