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SouthBridge EMS currently has a fleet of six licensed ALS ambulances.

To support special response needs in the area, SouthBridge also has a four wheel drive ALS Quick Response Unit.

ATV 815-1 is a 6x6 All-Terrain Vehicle which is utilized in responses involving wooded areas or trails. This vehicle has proven invaluable in rescues in muddy, heavily wooded areas. The stretcher mounted on the rear bed allows for safe patient extrication and transport to the waiting ambulance.

815 Bike Patrol maintains three mountain bikes, specifically outfitted for EMS response in crowded areas and during special events. Specially trained EMS Bike Teams are deployed to areas and events which render most vehicles useless, and ensure a quick response during events held in inaccessible areas. These bikes were purchased through a generous donation and have become an invaluable tool for special event coverage.

815 Rehab Unit is a trailer staffed to provide support to our fire departments during a prolonged fire rehab event, and for special events requiring safety operations. The trailer carries heat or cooling apparatus for the appropriate weather conditions, as well as a rehab tent that can be deployed in minutes. A full-size refrigerator ensures that plenty of ice and cold water will be available for firefighters and other support personnel. An EMS crew remains onscene for the duration of the event to provide medical support.

Personal Watercraft Otter 1 and Otter 2 are unique additions to the SouthBridge EMS fleet, purchased with grant funds after the devastating rains of Hurricane Ivan. During that event, rescuers made many dangerous flood rescues – many times, walking through murky flood waters. During the heavy rains and flooding that resulted in July of 2013 Otter 1 was involved in the rescue of a woman trapped in high, fast-moving flood waters. ​

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